About Us

Travis (Founder)

Hi, thank you for visiting ALL SEASON SUNGLASSES. We are a family owned and oriented business. My wife and I decided after YEARS of working in retail that it was time to branch out on our own to provide our own brand of customer service.

We pride ourselves on providing each and every one of our AMAZING customers with a quality product at a discounted price. Having two children of our own, we know the struggle of not only finding a good fit for a child's sunglass needs, but also how important it is to save money in any way possible. That's why we are one of the few retailers that feature children's eyewear as a top selling product.

Here at ALL SEASON SUNGLASSES, we firmly believe that providing a pleasant shopping experience is key to success. So we will always put our customers needs before profit, and do anything we can to provide optimal customer care. 

We would personally like to thank you for shopping with us. Our goal is to transform every first time shopper into a lifelong customer. Don't forget to find us on facebook and follow us on Instagram @allseasonsunglasses Also, feel free to contact us any time day or night at allseasonsunglasses@gmail.com. 


                                                        Thank you.